Fishing and light complementary PV systems GFLSMS-GL


Product Features:

1. Land utilization of the land is high: can be used for power generation, and fish farming or planting vegetables.

2.By using a single pillar, the foundation takes up little space.

3.The height of the structure is re-adjustable according to the depth of water and the growth of the vegetables.

4.The post is made of concrete with good corrosion resistance. It can resist the for a long time erosion from acid soil and water.    



Technical Parameters:

Structure Style: Single pillar with dual inclined strut

Foundation: Standard pre-stressed pile

Module Layout: Horizontal / Vertical

Module Angle: According to customer requirements

Maximum Wind Load:40m/s (customizable)

Maximum Snow Load:1.4KN/(customizable)

Material: Hot-dip Galvanized Steel

Warranty: 15 Years




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