Geco provides 20MW solar mounting systems for LONGI’s Yun Nan project

Recently, Xian LONGI has launched its 80MW solar power plant in Yunnan province, China. Geco Renewable Energy Co., Ltd has achieved a contract of 20MW, to provide hot dip galvanized steel ground mounting systems for this project. 


As introduced, the project site is located in Huaping, Lijiang, Yunnan Province. There is not only beautiful scenery in this place, but also abundant sunshine and broad land, which is suitable to build solar power plant. 

“The project site is on a hilly area. It is complex terrain. Our engineering team offers two mounting systems to the client, considering the product cost and installation efficiency. The first delivery is required within 7days after signature of the contract. Such short delivery time is a challenge on the production. Thanks to the long time cooperation with LONGI, we can understand the customer requirement fast and clearly. The experienced supply chain department and production management team can handle it with skill and ease. So far, each procedure is going on in a good order.” Said by Mr. Wang, sales manager of Geco.

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