Geco provides 3.5MW mounting systems to a metal sheet roof solar project in Xiamen

       Recently, Geco Renewable Energy Co., Ltd has attained a new contract of 3.5MW, to provide mounting systems for a metal sheet roof solar project in Xiamen, Fujian Province.

As introduced, the solar power plant is installed on 10 roofs of Gaoshi Stone Factory, which is located in Xiamen, one of the cities in China's South-East coastal areas.

                                                        ( Gaoshi Stone Factory)

“Due to its special location, Xiamen have lots of typhoon every year. It requires very strong solar mounting system which can withstand high wind. At the stage of engineering, we have sent our engineers to do the site investigation and pull out test, so as to collect precise information and data to make reliable optimized proposals with favorable cost. Regarding of the highlights for this proposal, we can say that we use a long span structural design. It helps to decrease the cost of the mounting structures, meanwhile, it is more convenient for installation at site, improving the installation efficiency. Hence, the manpower cost is lower as well. ” Said by Mr. Zhang, senior engineer of Geco.

                                                        ( pull out test)

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